Certified Quality Professional
A Master Course in Quality Management thro' Distance Learning

Fees: USD 600.00 (You can pay fees in 2 installments (Once in Two Months))

Duration: 6 Months

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A Master Continuing Professional Development Course on Quality Management

Why Quality Management?

In today's challenging economic environment, organizations value employees who are knowledgeable and who have undergone training in various management concepts. Practical knowledge of Quality Management Concepts like ISO 9001, 5s, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Quality Control Tools, etc. is highly valued and highly sought-after in today's economy.

This 'Diploma in Quality Management' is a non-academic professional course that imparts working knowledge of Quality Management to students and working professionals. 

Why this Certification Program?

The course curriculum of this program has been developed by highly qualified, trained & experienced counsellors of ‘Quality Professionals Group’.

The program consists of the following 5 Modules delivered under a prescribed time plan:

  1.  Basics of Quality (What, why & how of Quality, Quality Gurus & their philosophies)
  2. Quality Management Systems (ISO Quality Management standards, ISO 9001 and how to implement it)
  3. Quality Improvements (Problem solving/Quality Improvement methodology and various quality tools)
  4. Contemporary Quality Concepts 
    • Part-1: 5S & Kaizen
    • Part-2: Six Sigma & Business Excellence
  5. Soft Skills for Quality (Personal quality, teamwork & facilitation for Quality) 

To know more details on the program, please click on the links at your right (Course Brochure).

The program is a comprehensive course on the subject of Quality Management and its contents meet the needs of both the manufacturing & service sector organizations.

What is Included in the Program?

When you enroll for the program, you get the following:

  1. Course booklets (One for each Module) (Hard copies)
  2. ISO 9001: 2015 Made Simple (A Guide Book)
  3. QMS Internal Audit Checklist
  4. Online tutor help
  5. Two assignments
  6. One examination
  7. Marks Sheet (with program contents) 
  8. A Certificate as 'Certified Quality Professional’
  9. Listing of your name in 'Online Register' on this website

How to Register?

Registering in the program is very simple. You can follow any of the following:

  • Register online through our 'REGISTER NOW' link below (pay fee through your credit/debit card/bank transfer), or
  • Fill online REGISTRATION FORM and send fee thro' DD/Cheque in favour of 'Quality Professionals Group' or thro’ NEFT/cash/wire transfer to our account (ask for details)

"Thanks a lot to Quality Professionals Group and especially to  MR. AVINIT SINGH, who

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