Certified SPC Professional Course
A Practical Course on 'Statistical Process Control'

Fees: USD 300.00

Duration: 2 Months

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It is a an excellent course on 'Statistical Process Control (SPC)' leading to a qualification of Certified SPC Professional.

This is a 2-month long distance learning course with a flexibility to complete it any time between one to 4 months. Since the course is presented in a distance learning mode, you have the liberty to learn at your place and at your pace. And you can still achieve the qualification.

Why learn SPC?

SPC is a technique that enables process managers to manage their processes through:

  1. Controlling the ongoing operation of a process, and
  2. Improving the process by reducing the variation in its characteristics.

Course Contents

The course consists of the following broad topics:

  1. Introduction to SPC (concept of process variation and its importance)
  2. Basic Statistics (definitions of basic terms)
  3. Understanding SPC (causes of variation, and role of SPC in controlling variation and improving process capabilities)
  4. Control charts (Basics of control charts as defined by Walter Shewhart and popularized by Edward Deming, control chart types and their uses)
  5. Constructing Control Charts (the steps in constructing and using a control chart)
  6. Examples of Control Charts (Solved examples of each type of Variables and Attributes control charts)
  7. Process Capability & Process Performance (Concepts and related indices)
  8. More Concepts on SPC (Loss function, six sigma and over adjustment)

What do you get?

The course is presented through a course booklet (a hard copy) which a candidate can keep as a reference material. The lessons are presented as small chunks of information that are easy to understand and adapt. Each lesson is followed by a solved question answer exercise that enable the students to learn the key concepts.

The course also includes a practical exercise on a control chart that provides hands-on practice to the candidates in understanding the use of a control chart.

The course ends with a multiple choice question (MCQ) examination and issue of certificate where the candidate earns a title of a 'Certified Professional - Statistical Process Control'.

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