Problem Solving & 7-QC Tools - A Certificate Course
A Practical Course on 'Continual Improvement Methodology'

Fees: USD 250.00

Duration: 1 Months

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It's a distance learning certificate course on 'Problem Solving & 7-QC Tools'. The duration of this course is one month.

Making continuous improvements in products, services, and processes, are one of the major tasks that a quality professional is supposed to undertake.

While at work, we come across many errors, defects, complaints and wastages that not only result in loss of money, but also cost us in terms of dissatisfied customers, and sometime even losing them forever. Further, there are times, when you are required to improve your products, services or processes not because of defects or errors, but because the customer needs and expectation are changing. You are therefore always in a constant quest to improve your productivity, cost, and delivery issues. It is therefore, very important to learn the tools, techniques and methodologies for implementing solutions to these problems in a systematic and structured way.

This course teaches the participants on the following:

  • The structured methodology in implementing problem solving or continuous improvement
  • The various tools that can be used for making these improvements.

There is a detailed description of basic 7-QC tools that that were popularized by the Japanese Quality Guru, Dr. Ishikawa. Other than these, 6 more tools have been described that have become very popular in the industry for solving problems.

A tool matrix given in the course, tells you which tool is to be used in which stage of problem solving. Further, each tool is explained with the help of practical case studies that help you understand the tool clearly with the help of an example.

This course helps individuals understand the basic problem solving methodology that becomes a foundation for further graduating into a Six Sigma Professional.

First of all, let me thank you and your entire team for inspiring and guiding me in complet

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