5S & Kaizen - Certificate Course
An awareness Course thro' Distance Learning

Fees: USD 200.00

Duration: 1 Months

10% discount off this fees!

It's a distance learning certificate course on '5S & Kaizen'. This is a foundation course on the subject and its duration is one month.

5S is a Japanese technique for creating and sustaining a well organized workplace. The methodology involves taking 5 steps at the work place that help in removing the waste & clutter, creating orderliness and cleanliness at the workplace and making it possible to maintain it this way through the use of standards, visual controls and self-discipline.

The technique of 5S can be used in combination of another Japanese technique known by the name 'Kaizen', which means making small continuous improvements at the workplace. Kaizen helps in creating a workplace where people are involved in making small improvements on their own, without using much of resources, on a continuous basis.

These Japanese concepts have demonstrated a great deal of success at many of the world's large, medium and small organizations. These techniques are now extensively used all across the world, including in the USA and the European countries.

This course provides you a basic knowledge on these two topics and you can start appreciating the importance of 5S & Kaizen at the workplace. The course provides details of how these concepts can be implemented in organizations and what benefits can be derived through their deployment.

The course ends with an examination of multiple choice questions based on the course contents. All those who qualify in the examination are issued with a 'Certificate of Accomplishment'.

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