Certified 5S Professional
A Master 5S Implementation & Auditing Course

Fees: USD 400.00

Duration: 3 Months

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A Professional Development Course 

What is 5S lean?

5S is a Japanese technique for creating an organized workplace that works for building a foundation for Efficiency, safety and quality at a workplace. It involves taking of 5 steps as follows:

  1. Sieri (Sort)
  2. Seiton (Set-in-Order)
  3. Seiso (Shine)
  4. Seiktesu (Standardize)
  5. Shitsuke (Sustain)

Why this Course?

The Japanese industry has derived immense benefits by implementing this simple technique of 5S. Following the success of Japanese industry, the concept has become popular all across the world including with the US and European industry for eliminating waste and creating an efficient and organized workplace. 5S is a methodology of Lean Management that provides a basis for all other improvements in an organization. The 5S professionals are in great demand both in the manufacturing as well as in the service sector organizations.

What does the Course Include?

This course is a unique course that provides a comprehensive knowledge to the candidates on 2 major aspects of the 5S deployment:

  1. 5S Lean implementation methodology, and
  2. 5S Lean auditing

This is one of its kind course available anywhere that provides the most comprehensive inputs on the concept of 5S. The course consists of course booklets, ppt slides, innumerous pictures on the concept of 5S, a comprehensive audit checklist with guidelines on implementation and auditing of the 5S concept. There are multiple choice exercises to evaluate the learning of students at each step. Another important feature of this program is a project work, where the students practically apply the concepts learnt in the course.

Want to Know More?

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